What accessories are available and how do I get them?

Pittsburgh Corning offers a J channel, brick mold and mullion accessories. These are available by calling the Customer Support Department at 800/245-1217.

Can you replace an individual glass block?

Yes, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation offers a free LightWiseŽ window repair kit by calling the Customer Support Department at 800/245-1217.

Can I install a series of LightWiseŽ windows in an existing frame?

Yes, remove the adjacent nailing fins (using a utility knife) of the two LightWiseŽ windows and install the mullion cap design to cover the seam.

What is the R-value for the LightWiseŽ windows?

LightWiseŽ windows have an R-value of 1.92 which equates to a double pane window.

What are some other physical properties of the window?

Installed Weight

9.8 pounds/square foot

Light Transmission


Sound Transmission


Do LightWiseŽ Windows have a warranty?

The glass block panel assembly and window frame are covered by a ten (10) year limited warranty. Included in the warranty are manufacturing defects, frame chipping, cracking, peeling, pitting, and blistering. The window panel is warranted against leaks, discoloration, and separation.


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