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Glass Block Windows Made Really Easy.

The unsurpassable privacy, beauty, and strength of Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block is now available in pre-assembled, vinyl frame windows. LightWise® Windows are a wise choice when you want the beauty and durability of real glass block with less installation hassle. By starting with Real Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, which will not burn or discolor, LightWise® Windows give you a combination of features you won’t find in any other glass or acrylic block window. And now LightWise® Windows are even lighter thanks to our new 2” thick glass block. LightWise® windows will revolutionize the way Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block is specified, ordered and installed for residential applications.

Really Easy to Install.

It's never been easier to use Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block for window applications. New LightWise® windows install like traditional windows. Just place the Glass Block in the window opening and fasten along the built-in nailing fins which are now set back 1¼" to fit all siding and stucco applications. The Glass Block is bonded with silicone for an all-glass look, so there's no need to hire skilled labor - and there's no clean-up hassle. That makes the LightWise® window system the most cost-efficient and quality-consistent way to install Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block windows.

Really Unique.

What really sets the LightWise® window apart from the crowd is simple: it's real Glass Block. LightWise® windows will not scratch, burn or discolor, providing years of timeless beauty. Plus, no other window system looks quite like a real Glass Block window. You get the security, durability, and beauty of Glass Block for about the same price as any other specialty window.

Only the LightWise® Window can make light dance the way you have come to expect from Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block. And it's available in two distinctive patterns allowing you to control privacy and light transmission. We have what it takes to make a room really special - all at a cost that makes the LightWise® Window easy to recommend.

Winner, 1998 Today's HomeOwner Magazine -- Best New Products Award.

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