Are kits available in different glass block patterns?

Yes. Kits are available in either the Decora® or IceScapes® patterns.

Is there a longer lead time for the different base colors or door styles?

Yes, kits with base colors other than white, bone, or biscuit will take an extra two weeks for delivery.

What materials other than what come in the kit are required for installation?

Glass block mortar, plumbing fixtures, and ceramic tile (or tile board) for rear walls need to be purchased separately.

Can shower bases and doors be purchased separately?

Yes, but there is no true advantage in doing so. Contact Pittsburgh Corning Customer Service for prices if required.

Does Pittsburgh Corning offer a warranty on the Shower System?

Yes, as follows:
Glass Block and Doors - 5 year limited warranty
Shower Bases - 3 year limited warranty

Are the bases and shower components code approved?

The NAHB Research Center has certified the bases to meet Z124.2. Glass block installed with mortar is exempt from the safety glazing requirements of all model building codes.

Can the glass block in the kits be installed with the KWiK'N EZ® Rigid Track System?

No - mortar only

What are the bases made of?

They are made of Lucite® XL cast acrylic. This high quality material resists chipping and peeling. In the rare event the material scratches, polishing will restore it back to the original shine. Color goes all the way through the material.

What is special about the bases?

They are specially designed to accommodate glass block through molded channels that serve as guides for block placement. Also, they are constructed to support the extra weight of glass block walls.

Is the Walk-In Shower Kit available with a "left" entry?



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